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We Source Nature
to Resource the Future

We have more than 30 years of experience crafting high quality, responsibly sourced ingredients for cosmetic products that work seamlessly with consumers’ bodies.

For More Than 30 Years,
We've Been Leading the Way in Biotechnology Research

We are biotech pioneers, scientists, explorers. Working across all continents, in all climates, in all of the worlds’ oceans. We create high-tech active ingredients from natural sources from plant, marine and microbial worlds. We source the best that nature has to offer, to the benefit of everyone: in cosmetics, healthcare, human & animal nutrition, agronomy and environment.

No nature, no future! Nature is a source of inspiration, source of information, the source of our technologies. Our innovations represent proven and sustainable alternatives, based on balanced relationships with local producers around the world, in the service of future generations.


We have more than 30 years of experience crafting high quality, responsibly sourced ingredients for cosmetic products that work seamlessly with consumers’ bodies.


At the Crossroad of the World

GREENTECH is in perpetual movement: from the heart of the plant to the heart of the skin, from one science to another, from land to sea, and from one continent to another, using state-of-the-art technologies, it produces ingredients that make mimic the deep mechanisms of nature in order to apply them to those of the skin, and to efficiently regulate them. Results can be read on the surface; the skin is visibly more beautiful.

Our portfolio contains more than 100 active ingredients and over 5,000 extracts. All in all, GREENTECH has discovered more than 300,000 biologically active molecules since we began in 1992.

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A Global Initiative for Better Products


We go to the ends of the earth in search of microbes and molecules…literally! GREENTECH has led expeditions to Earth’s poles to collect samples resistant to UV rays, freezing temperatures, and extreme pressure environments. That’s not all—our team has explored biomes across the globe to learn more about their organisms at the molecular level.


GREENTECH discovers in nature molecules, which transforms into intact and efficient active ingredients that go straight to the target, at the heart of the physiological mechanism. Their performance is visible on the skin, the results on beauty and well-being are substantiated and proven by biochemical, cellular (in vitro) and in vivo tests for precise claims.


At every stage of production, GREENTECH meets and exceeds green chemistry specifications. Through our continually updated environmental management system, we reduce waste, limit potentially harmful substances, prevent pollution risks, strive to consume less, and continually find new ways to do better.


When it comes to compliance, our products meet the COSMOS ORGANIC certification by ECOCERT Greenlife and the ISO 22 716 standard. We’re also certified compliant with the Natrue regulation and GMP standard (Good Manufacturing Practices) required for producing pharmaceutical ingredients.

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